Premature Baby My 7 Month Old Nephew Has Hydrocephalus and Started Physical Therapy


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11 May 2020
Tepki puanı
United States
Greetings everyone. My nephew was born at 7 months and had a cerebral hemorrhage shortly after birth. After a while, we learned that the baby has hydrocephalus. He had surgery in a short time and a shunt was placed in his brain. When his body refused to accept the shunt, he was taken out once and reinserted after a while. During this process, his blood got infected with inflammation, his fever rose to high degrees, and as a result we learned that he had meningitis.

He recently got out of the hospital, we are looking after him at home now. The head structure is close to the structure of a normal baby, but there are deformities due to his illness. Physiotherapy was started immediately, it was said to continue moving at home. The baby can hold his head and stand on his feet when held upright. I would be very happy if mothers who have experience in this area can help us on how to act and what we should do.
First of all, congratulations. Our baby was also a premature baby and was born at 7.5 months. We did not have hydrocephalus, but premature babies often have cerebral hemorrhage. It happened to our baby too. She stayed in the newborn baby unit for 19 days. And he had a heart murmur. I still have a slight murmur. You should know that premature babies are much more sensitive than other babies in terms of structure. You already know. We kept the baby room separate. We kept the house very clean. When we entered the baby room (even though there was no epidemic at that time), we entered wearing masks. We breastfed every two and a half hours. And we changed the baby's diaper before each feeding. Our baby didn't even cry before reaching the normal delivery time, it was too small. We took care of a lot of care. If necessary, please do not even accept visitors is a good decision. When entering the baby's room, enter sterile and with a mask. Be very careful. Do not enter the room other than those responsible for the baby's care. And don't deviate from what your doctor says.