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30 Haz 2019
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Nowadays, children are changing when it comes to games

Nowadays, there are almost no children who do not spend their time playing games in front of the computer. It is noticeable in every environment to see little children being carried around in strollers, or babies playing games on mobile phones or tablets. Computer games that appeal to all ages have both beneficial and harmful effects on the development of children, and do not even have negative or positive effects on the personality development of preschool children. As a family, we need to be selective and controlling in computer games.
Playing games is a learning method for children and is the natural right of every child. Playing games is one of the most efficient methods for children's physical and mental development. The modern education system prefers game-based teaching in education and training. The fact that lessons are taught with a number of instructive and educational activities throughout the primary education process, from kindergartens to kindergartens, is an indication of this.

It is on the agenda to support programs that integrate lessons with games, taking into account the benefits of this method, with technological studies.

Are Children Affected by the Games They Play?

Developments in technology and digital fields have changed the direction of children's games. Puzzle, lego and car games, which were once popular games, are now history. Games that are popular now have moved to a completely different dimension.

The benefits of playing games in terms of child development, education and training are indisputable. However, it is also a fact that when the time spent in computer games, which is a changing style of play today, extends uncontrollably, it negatively affects physical development. Running and playing are activities that are essential for the child's physical development and the motor development of small and large muscles. It is observed that some orthopedic diseases occur in children who do not plan how much time they will spend in front of the computer, due to constantly sitting in the same position. Especially obesity, nerve compression, joint and spine disorders, back and muscle pain occur. In addition, content that causes cognitive and emotional erosion, contains violence, and negatively affects the personality structure should be prevented. It is necessary to guide the child by directing the child's creativity to developing games.

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What are the Negative Effects of Violent Games?

Long-term and violent computer games have some negative effects on children. It prevents the child's psychological and social development and causes disorders such as nervousness, aggression and anxiety in the child.
Violent games may lead the child to take revenge, fight, or even take further action. The child should be guided to play games that include good moral principles appropriate to his age and will feed his imagination in a positive way. The suitability of the games he/she will play for his/her developmental period should be taken into consideration. During the development period of their personalities, children strive to find characters that they will choose as idols and accept as role models. During this period, it is the duty of the family and teachers to make sure that children choose people with clean and beautiful personalities as their idols.