We will have three goals for the bonding phenomenon between mother and baby:
Take care to get to know your child.
Try to make your child feel good
Try to enjoy your parenting process.

Bond with your baby at birth.

Establishing an early bond with your baby will create positive behaviors for the baby and mother. Such an attachment will change the nature of the baby's entire life. Plan your birth, do not hesitate to take the necessary responsibilities for the birth, try to get all kinds of training, create your birth planning with the necessary people. Becoming a parent is not a process that can be achieved through surgical birth without the need for a suitable method. Therefore, by choosing your obstetrician and midwife that is suitable for you, you can start the process of becoming a parent in a strong way, without experiencing a traumatic event that may affect your life. We can talk about another disadvantage of this trauma: While the parent who experiences such a situation will spend some of his energy on the baby, he will also spend some of it on himself to relieve the effects of the difficult birth he experienced. Because of what we have said, it is important to choose a good doctor, but it will also be beneficial to think about having a good birth and prepare ourselves for this situation. Remember, thinking about a good birth is also a prerequisite for feeling good feelings towards your baby.

In this case, the relationship between a good birth and secure attachment between mother and baby is clearly understood. A birth that is difficult, traumatizes the mother, and is performed without any necessary surgical intervention will make secure attachment between mother and baby difficult. Consider that the mother and baby are temporarily separated in case of unintended events. In this case, the bond between mother and baby will begin negatively from the very beginning. We are afraid that it will be easier for a relationship that started negatively to continue negatively. On the one hand, the mother will think that the baby is also in the hospital room and the stress will go further.

Since the mother and the baby need to be side by side in the early stages, these first periods, we can say weeks and months, are sensitive periods. The earlier the bond is established between mother and baby, the greater the closeness will be. In order for the baby to be good at having an entrepreneurial spirit in a relationship based on love and to have an intuition-based, biological equipment, the secure attachment between the mother and the baby must start early. Thanks to this early bond, it will bring the mother and the baby to the appropriate starting point when the baby needs the mother and the mother wants to take care of the baby. Mother-baby's love for each other and their deep bond with each other begins before birth. It continues the same way it starts.

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